Indian Institute of Higher Education & Research Trust (IIHERT) is imparting education and works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development of India, partnering industry, Government, and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes.

Training Methodology

Our training delivery methodology is a combination of classroom and practical learning, to ensure that the students who get trained at IIHERT are ready for the job market. In devising our methodology, we have understood that the inherent characteristics of the incoming skills are varied and each student requires assistance and counselling on appropriate courses that will shape their career direction.

Each course is delivered utilizing proper infrastructure required for each trade with a lot of stress on on-the-job training. The result is that students are more aware of the practical aspects and hence, more confident about their future employment potential. As part of our courseware, we also provide coaching on soft-skills to improve your communication skills, presentation skills, etc. We have designed our courses to provide the effective & complete spectrum of skills in a very interactive and easy-to-learn manner.

Utilizing Technology to Improve effectiveness of Training programs

In order to improve the pace and effectiveness of our training programs, not only have we aligned our training programs to Industry Standards, but have also equipped our training centres with the right tools such as Overhead Projectors, LCD projectors, course specific audio-visual aids, etc.

Training Methodology

Soft Skills and Code of Conduct

An orientation on soft-skills, values and ethics blended into the course. The course and the practicals form one part of the training. The course also emphasizes on values and ethics which is interwoven into the curriculum. As they form an integral part of the curriculum and not as an add on, students will be able to relate to the situations and appreciate the importance of good conduct, punctuality, presentable outlook and quality work.