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About Vinayaka Missions University

Vinayaka Missions University (VMU) is a pioneering and vibrant university offering a multi-cultural experience with an ambience marked by the perfect harmony of living in diversity. The university is committed to offering education in the most professional manner and one that ensures enormous growth potential to the students. One of the biggest universities in India, VMU boasts of the most diversified education in terms of the number of faculties, ranging from medicine, paramedicine, engineering and technology to management - almost the entire gamut of academic disciplines. The University main campus in Salem is truly a scenic marvel surrounded by mountains and a hallmark of the city.

Academic Council

Academic Council of VMU is the highest policy making body with respect to all academic programs of the university. The Academic Council considers regualations of various programs, evolves academic administration policies, provide quality policies, evolve new programs of study, approve new curriculum, changes and modifications in curriculum and syllabus, prescribe standards for syllabus, review academic infrastructure for optimal delivery of academic programs, track faculty-student ratio, evolve policies on research activities in the university and consider other matters of academic interest to the university.

The composition of Academic Council as per UGC and University regulations, chaired by the Vice Chancellor.


We at Vinayaka Missions University consider the Alumni association as the vibrant nerve centre.

The Flagship of our University is its students who have spent a few years of their lives within its walls and are now trying to apply all that they have gained from their AlmaMater in villages, towns and countries in which they are placed. Their professional success contributes to a stronger Vinayaka Missions University’s community, which in turn reflects a life time of pride, passion and tradition of their AlmaMater.

Vinayaka Missions University has churned out thousands of exemplary professionals who occupy coveted positions in different organizations and the University no doubt feels proud of them.

We would like you to continue to be an integral part of our University as our treasured Alumnus. We invite all of you, to provide us with an update on basic information pertaining to you which you will find on the Alumni Registration link on this page. We have also sent out this format to the address provided by you when you were at Vinayaka Missions University to be able to reach you. It would be wonderful to hear from you at the earliest. We look forward to being informed of the milestones in your professional and personal life.

When you write to us please mention your name as it was during the time of your study at Vinayaka Missions University, the course and institution of study with specialization, if any, and year of graduation. Your communication can be mailed to alumni.vmu@gmail.com

We also welcome you to provide us with any other interesting information you would like to share with us, photographs if you wish also can be given.

Our access serves you as a liaison for connecting you with various industries / institutions on the one hand and Vinayaka Missions University on the other. This is indeed a networking opportunity for you to gain valuable insight into today’s professional world.